Welcome to KaryoLogic, Inc.

Karyotyping Chromosomes For Research

At KaryoLogic, working with chromosomes is our sole focus. Since 2009, our highly experienced technical staff has produced excellent results in chromosome banding levels and elucidative images. In providing this detailed cytogenetic information to laboratories across the globe, we promote the advancement of life science research.                                                                              Human Karyotyping            Mouse Karyotyping            Rat Karyotyping            Rare Species Karyotyping

Our service is able to:

  • Score and report on all types of chromosomal abnormalities including translocations, rings, dicentrics, deletions, polyploidy, breaks, trisomies, double minutes, and much more.
  • Characterize novel cell lines before use and distribution.
  • Detect new or unexpected chromosomal aberrations.
  • Confirm that karyotypes are normal, or abnormal.
  • Provide an integral component of stem cell characterization assays.
  • Authenticate cell lines by uncovering cross contamination or misidentification.
  • Track chromosomal changes over time with passage in culture, or throughout the course of an experimental study.


Specimens accepted include adherent and suspension cultures, stem cells, primary cells, and established cell lines. Cells on feeder layers or basement membranes are accepted.  Human and mouse karyotyping comprise the majority of our work; please send an email inquiry for other species.

We look forward to working with you.

Elizabeth Gonzalez, Founder